IntimaLase Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

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The Fotona IntimaLase procedure is used for the treatment of Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS). Vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS) is defined as laxity, or looseness, of the vaginal wall. VRS can result in loss of friction and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. The most common cause of vaginal relaxation syndrome is the overstretching of the vaginal walls during vaginal childbirth. Natural aging and hormonal decline can also cause the vaginal walls thin out and become less elastic over time.

How IntimaLase Works

IntimaLase is a fast, effective, non-invasive, incision-less procedure for vaginal tightening with no undesired side effects. During the procedure a special attachment, similar to a speculum used during a pap test, is inserted into the vagina. Through this attachment the vaginal canal is treated with short non-ablative laser pulses through a small hand piece. The patented laser heats the vaginal tissue in a special way that causes the stimulation of new collagen. This stimulation will lead to more collagen formation and a tighter, younger feel to the vagina. The procedure only takes between 15-30 minutes with minimal discomfort if any.

Clinical results show an average shrinkage of 17% in the vaginal canal after a single IntimaLase treatment. In 95% of cases patients report a noticeable difference, and most women who had the procedure done said that they felt more intense sensations and deeper orgasms. Improvements continue for up to 4 weeks after the procedure.


There is absolutely no downtime with this procedure. In fact, you can even book the procedure over your lunch hour, and then go back to your day. It is recommended to refrain from sexual activity for 24-48 hours. For most of patients, a single session is sufficient for significant tightening of the vaginal canal. If needed, the treatment may be repeated after one month.

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Will I really feel a difference?
In the vast majority of cases (95%) women report a noticeable difference in vaginal tightness.
Does the procedure hurt?
There can be some discomfort that is described as a mild pain or a burning, itching sensation. However, this discomfort is usually minimal and is very well tolerated.
Can I have the treatment when I am menstruating?
No. The ideal treatment time is during the first phase of your menstrual cycle.
Can I use tampons after the procedure?
Refrain from using tampons for four weeks.
How long before I feel a difference?
Results vary, but for many there is a noticeable difference within the first week. The full result will take up to four weeks as new collagen continues to develop.
How many treatments will I need?
For most patients only one treatment is required, however, some patients may require a second treatment if there is a substantial amount of laxity present.

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