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The G-Shot Houston

The G-Shot has been widely studied and proven to provide women with greater sexual satisfaction after treatment. It is a quick, simple and painless in-office procedure that temporarily augments, or enlarges the g-spot with results that typically last 6 months.

The G-Shot is ideal for women who have difficulty achieving orgasm. It works very well for women who suffer from low libido and are also on Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to correct any hormone imbalances that can lead to low libido.

Benefits of The G-Shot

Women report that they experience heightened sexual arousal and satisfaction which can increase their libido.

What to Expect *

Each patient is consulted to ensure they are an ideal candidate prior to the procedure. The procedure is similar to having a routine yearly pap smear and is very quick and painless. The area to be treated is numbed with lidocaine prior to injecting the hyaluronic acid base filler to ensure patient comfort. Once the injection is done patients are discouraged from sexual activity for 3 days afterwards. The results typically last 6 months but the patient can return for additional treatment if needed.


For more personalized information about The G-Shot® (G-Spot Amplification), please request your consultation, or call us at 281-609-4439.

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