Nutritional Deficiency Testing

* results may vary based on a variety of factors

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Vitamin Deficiency Testing Houston

Nutritional deficiencies are a widespread problem that affects countless people and can be due to several factors including: poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals in the foods available and inability to absorb nutrients. Most people fall victim to the latest fads in supplementation and have a medicine cabinet full of bottles that they may or may not need to take to maintain their health. The truth is that we are all unique people that have individual needs…not just what the latest ads lead us to believe we need.

Advanced Vitamin Deficiency Testing

Until recently, it was difficult to detect what patients were deficient in but science and technology have provided us with cutting edge testing that allows us to see deficiencies on a cellular level and provide a treatment plan to support each patient based upon their results.

Common Symptoms of Nutritional Deficiency:

  • Lethargy
  • Low energy
  • Foggy thinking
  • Hair loss
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Poor skin

What to Expect *

Our nutritional & vitamin deficiency testing is a quick test that is performed in-office by collecting a blood sample. Results are received within 3 weeks and at that point, the patient meets with the physician to review findings. Since we are all unique individuals, treatment options will vary from patient to patient but can include IV nutritional therapy, B12 injections, diet modifications, and the introduction of the correct medical grade supplements and enzymes. Most patients will experience immediate results once the treatment begins.

“I consulted with Dr. Shel, and she did the nutritional testing to see what I was lacking in my diet. Dr. Shel put me on a vitamin protocol to help me to bring the vitamins and minerals I was deficient in up to the appropriate levels. My results have been amazing.” ~ Carolyn*

* results may vary based on a variety of factors

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