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Telomere TestingTelomere Testing

Telomere testing is a useful diagnostic test for any patient of any age to help determine their “true age” based upon the length of their telomeres. Telomeres are the section at the end of each chromosome that begin to shorten as the cells age and replicate. Read More »

pk protocolPK Protocol

Dr. Shel just revealed that she is now offering the PK Protocol for patients suffering from illnesses related to neurodegenerative diseases. The PK Protocol, named for its Developer Dr. Patricia Kane, is an intravenous method used as a detoxification for the brain and central nervous system at the cellular level. It helps eliminate neurotoxins and allows the cells inside the body to heal and function optimally.

BodyBio IV Infusions of phosphatidylcholine and sodium phenylbutyrate, pushes of glutathione and folinic acid. B12 IV increased intake of essential fatty acids. Diet — eliminate all processed foods, especially those containing Omega-6 oils, regular intake of pastured eggs and a “cell membrane stabilizing drink” consisting of liquid phosphatidylcholine, evening primrose oil, whey protein, and a blend of flax seed oil in a 4:1 ratio of omega-6 to omega-3, and a blend of seeds. As well as a low charbohydrate, high fat diet. 

One important step is Detoxification

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