The most convenient and effective way to release these toxins is through the 4000 pores on the feet. The Original Aqua Detox Foot Spa is a revolutionary way to detoxify, re-balance and re-energize Your Body.

The foot spa contains water, a saline solution and an electro-magnetic device called an array. The Aqua Detox System produces a charge which stimulates the cells within the body. The positive and negative charges in the water allow the body to attract and use the negative ions to re-balance and release toxins. Following a treatment the body will continue to detoxify for up to 48 hours. The Aqua Detox System helps to re-balance and re-establish the Bio-Energetic Fields of the body.

Benefits of Aqua Detox Treatment:

  • Vitality
  • Circulation
  • Energy Levels
  • Organ Energy
  • Sense of Well Being
  • Nutrient Absorption

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