Internal Forms

>> Patient Satisfaction Survey

SUBMIT FOR ALL PATIENTS! Every customer that come into the office needs to have this form submitted for them. It will ensure that they receive our newsletter, weekly educational emails, special offers, supplement/skincare product refill reminders, it checks in with them if they have not been in the office for a long time, it tags them based on the services they have had, and much more. This is a vital part of our client communications and these must be done for every customer.

>> Review Request

This is to be used for all HAPPY PATIENTS. By entering their contact info they will receive an email request with direct links for them to write a Yelp and/or Google review. Since this these reviews are not able to be filtered by us it is important to only ask happy patients for these reviews. Best practice is to ask them if they would write a review, then enter their information into this form while they are still in your presence. They will receive the email immediately after you submit the form. Ask them to check their email on their phone to make sure they received it. If we are offering a gift for reviews, make sure you verify the review has been made before granting the free gift item.

>> Brilliant Distinctions Submission

When any patient signs up for the Brilliant Distinctions (BD) program we need to submit this form. This is in addition to the registration form from BD. This form is for internal purposes and allows us to keep track of and market to our BD customers internally.

>> Newsletter Submission for Non-Patient Phone Calls

When a non-patient calls the office asking questions but does not schedule an appointment you should ask them if they would like to receive our newsletter, education emails, and special offers. If they say yes, simply enter their contact information through this form.

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