Lose Weight and Feel Great with hCG

Losing Weight & Feeling Great with hCG!

Millions of people diet and exercise every year only to still fall short of their weight loss goals.  If you are one of these people who struggle to make that New Year’s resolution come true, it may be time for you to consider the hCG diet.

The hCG diet has been around for decades, but has recently grown in popularity among medical weight loss patients. The revolutionary treatment involves taking hCG every day, for the purpose of burning fat and losing weight. hCG is a hormone that is naturally created by the female body during pregnancy. When taken by non-pregnant patients it can help them lose up to a pound a day!

This diet is most highly recommended for our patients that have between 15 and 30 pounds to lose.   These patients will be placed on a regime of hCG treatment that will last for a 43 day cycle.  During this time your metabolism and energy levels will increase and your sleep patterns may even improve.

The HCG diet has been proven successful in both male and female patients when paired with a 500 calorie a day diet.  This may not seem like many calories, however our staff will help educate you on how to choose the right foods to keep you healthy and satisfied while on this diet. In fact, many of our patients are shocked to learn that their appetite is not nearly as strong as expected and their unhealthy cravings begin to disappear while on the hCG diet.

For more personalized information on our hCG Weight Loss Program, please request your FREE consultation, or call us at (281) 698-7435. More information can also be found by visiting our hCG page.

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