Skin Care News: Biopelle Retriderm Serum Max

allure-biopelle-222x300Have you seen the latest issue of Allure magazine with Kate Moss on the cover? One of our favorite products was recommended by a fellow doctor – Biopelle Retriderm Serum Max.  Do you use any type of Retinol product? Most people can benefit from using Retriderm on a regular basis-here’s why:

This product can be used daily to help encourage cell turnover, rejuvenating aging skin and helping to slough away sun damage.  It contains 1% Retinol-a strength that is very effective at:

  • Reducing fine lines and firming the skin
  • Helping restore radiance
  • Evening out discoloration by speeding cell turnover
  • Smoothing texture and shrinking pores

Many people are familiar with Retinol Creams, like Tretinoin, which can be a wonderful treatment.  But sometimes people’s skin can get a bit too irritated using a retinol cream, and the Retriderm is a great alternative for those people.  It comes in a moisturizing serum formula that you apply after cleansing and toning.  Once the serum has had a couple of minutes to absorb, you would then apply your moisturizer.  It’s very simple to incorporate into your daily regimen but produces a fantastic result.

Wonder if it’s right for your skin? Schedule a time to meet with one of our skin care experts to receive personalized recommendations to help your skin look it’s absolute best.

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