The Connection Between ALS & Lyme Disease

Did you know that ALS patients are more than 1,000 times more likely to have Lyme Disease than the typical American?

While it is said that there is no one cause of ALS, there is a very potential contributor that has been gaining more and more attention for its involvement in ALS patients and that is late-stage Lyme disease.

Late-stage Lyme Disease, which is an infection of Borellia burgdorgeri that spreads throughout the central nervous system, is said to possibly be a large contributing factor to, or mimic, ALS.  

As a functional medicine practitioner who treats patients for Lyme disease everyday, I can’t help but believe there is a connection between the two.

Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by infected deer ticks. In relation to ALS, it is possible (and likely) for a person to have ALS and Lyme disease at the same time. When this happens, because their symptoms are so similar, these conditions mask one another, making diagnosis and treatment very challenging.

In addition to mimicking the symptoms of ALS, Lyme disease also mimics other disorders, such as fibromyalgia, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, ADHD, multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Many symptoms of ALS and late stage Lyme Disease overlap. These similar symptoms consist of:

  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Numbness
  • Loss of balance
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Muscle cramps & spasms
  • Memory & concentration difficulty
  • Irritability
  • Impaired speech & swallowing
  • Behavioral changes

Does Lyme disease cause ALS?

The verdict is still out on this and there are many different beliefs. Many ALS patients do test positive for Lyme disease, but not all Lyme patients are diagnosed with ALS. In fact, modern medicine simply does not know what causes ALS. What we do know is that Lyme disease is a potential culprit, which means it is worth learning more about and possibly treating.

There are many studies and success stories of ALS patients being treated for Lyme disease and reversing their diagnosis. In Germany, Sweden and the U.S., there have been many documented instances where ALS symptoms were caused by Lyme disease and/or the patient’s diagnosis was changed from ALS to Lyme disease.

One of the most successful stories of an ALS patient reversing his diagnosis is that of Dr. David Martz. Dr. Martz is an oncologist who, even on his deathbed, believed he was suffering from Lyme disease instead of the original ALS diagnosis he was given by his doctor. Martz went out on his own to connect with a Lyme disease specialist who began prescribing intense high dose and long term antibiotics. By the end of the next year, Dr. Martz had made a full recovery and the doctor who had originally diagnosed him with ALS has pronounced that his ALS condition is gone.

It was after this that Dr. Martz went on to treat some of his ALS patients for Lyme disease over the course of the next two years. He reported that 30% of his ALS patients improved with the same high dose antibiotic treatment he used on himself. He also went on to treat more than 800 chronic Lyme disease patients with good results and very minimal side effects.

Martz’ story is an excellent reminder to constantly challenge conventional medicine and ask the appropriate questions to be sure you are always in control of your health and in turn, your destiny.

Something else to take into consideration when someone is diagnosed with either Lyme disease or ALS (or both) is their geographical location. It is said that cases of Lyme disease and ALS are very similar across the United States and that ALS appears to be more common in areas where ticks and Lyme disease are more present. While some investigators choose to dismiss these cases or deem them “coincidental”, I fully believe there is a direct correlation between the two because across the globe, where there is a high incidence of ALS, there is a higher incidence of Lyme disease.

There is a cause of ALS, and I believe there is also a cure. It’s only a matter of time before both are discovered and I will stop at nothing to accomplish this for not only my husband who is suffering from this devastating disease, but for the tens of thousands others in America that are also affected.


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