Are You Ready To Spring Clean Your Body?

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the flowers are beginning to bloom, which can only mean one thing: spring is around the corner! I don’t know about you but after this winter season, I am ready for a change in seasons! Winter was wonderful, but with cold and flu season at an all time high, I welcome the springtime and warmer weather with open arms!

Springtime brings about all things new, fresh and clean. For me, personally, this is also the time of year that I like to reset my body by focusing heavily on detoxification and completing the 14-Day Detox. I like to think of it as “spring cleaning” my body.

Detoxification is something that I feel very strongly about (if you haven’t noticed)! Every single day we are faced with more and more environmental toxins, and if our bodies are not functioning optimally and flushing out these toxins properly, our bloodstream and entire system is bombarded with an overload of toxins. This can lead to a host of health issues and symptoms, such as fatigue, weight gain, skin issues, gut problems and even hormonal imbalance.

During this time of year, in addition to focusing on detoxification, I also like to concentrate on clean eating. A paleo-style eating plan is one that I recommend to my patients time and time again. It offers a variety of healthy food choices, such as lean meats, fibrous vegetables, nutritious fruits and healthy fats, so that you not only feel good, but also maintain a healthy bodyweight, too. By follow a clean, paleo-style eating plan, you not only fuel your body with the nutrients it’s craving, but you’re also eating foods that aid in the detoxification process as well.

This spring, I challenge you to do a little “spring cleaning” yourself.

In the coming weeks, I will be talking a lot about the importance of detox, signs you may be toxic and how toxins play a role in hormonal imbalance. I will also be a keynote speaker at the Healthy Conscious Eating Summit, which begins on March 12 and is a completely FREE online event! The guest speakers and educators who will be a part of this amazing online event with me will provide you with clarification and insight as to how you can balance your hormones, lose weight naturally and regain vibrant health once and for all.

Be on the lookout for an email to sign up for this exciting online summit!

I look forward to a bright and clean spring season, as well as seeing your beautiful faces around the office!

Wishing you health and happiness,

Dr. Shel

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