Faster Results With IV Vitamin Therapy

Although IV therapy has been around for several years, it seems to just now be growing in popularity and for a great reason.  As people become more educated on the importance of high-quality vitamins and minerals, their perception of supplements has changed.  A quality vitamin and mineral regimen can drastically change your health and quality of life!

So what’s the difference between conventional pill-form vitamins and IV vitamin therapy you ask?

IV vitamin therapy delivers the vitamins, minerals, and key nutrients directly into your bloodstream, whereas the traditional oral form has to be processed through the digestive system and then absorbed into the blood.  Unfortunately, our digestive system isn’t perfect, so vitamins aren’t always absorbed fully or effectively. IV vitamin therapy, on the other hand, can give your body the vitamins and minerals that it needs in a higher potency and shorter amount of time, going directly into the bloodstream at a 100% absorption rate.
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What does this mean for you?

Should you completely stop your vitamin regimen and only continue with IV therapy?  Not necessarily. In fact, high-quality, medical grade supplements are extremely beneficial for regimen customization.  IV therapy options are selective, so given your needs and IV availability, you may be able to take advantage of one or several of the therapies.

What does Dr. Shel offer?

*Meyer’s Cocktail – ideal for treating a variety of conditions as a result of a lack of proper nutrients in the body.
*Vitamin C – known for its anticancer, antiviral and anti-histamine properties. Vitamin C is necessary for collagen and neurotransmitter production in the body. Since vitamin C is an antioxidant and an integral component in the formation of collagen, it is also very helpful in the prevention of heart disease.
*Weight Loss – designed to assist the body in its fat burning process. The Weight Loss IV contains vital B vitamins, Carnitine, and three fat-burning lipotropic agents. The Weight Loss IV is the perfect accompaniment to any healthy weight loss plan.
*Glutathione – a highly potent antioxidant that actually aids in protecting the cells of the body from the harmful toxins. Glutathione strengthens the immune system and reduces one’s risks for disease including cancer and heart disease. It is important to the body’s ability to detoxify.
*Athletic Performance – full of energy-boosting B vitamins, inflammation-reducing antioxidants, and magnesium for accelerated muscle recovery. The Athletic Performance IV is ideal for runners, triathletes, cyclists, those who play competitive sports, or anyone who wants a natural, effective boost to their active lifestyle.
*Chelation Therapy – a series of intravenous infusion treatments used to remove toxic heavy metals (including mercury and lead) from the blood. It involves intravenous infusions of a chelating agent called EDTA to help the body excrete heavy metals.
*UV Light Therapy – administers a specific combination of light wavelengths directly into the bloodstream through a specialized IV catheter. UV light has been proven to stop viral, fungal, bacterial, and yeast growth. It also enhances the immune system, increases oxygen and decreases inflammation.
*Migraine Reduction – reduces inflammation, relaxes muscles and blood vessels as well as modulates calcium ion channels within our cells, which trigger the release of neurotransmitters. The Migraine IV is ideal for anyone who wishes to reduce the occurrence and severity of recurring migraines.
*Skin Glow – In addition to the total body health benefits of Glutathione, it can also do amazing things to your skin. When combined with Vitamin C in certain ratios it can improve actually skin pigmentation, minimize the appearance of age spots, and even prevent of future age spots.

Ready to give it a shot?

If you are wanting to try any of our IV Vitamin Therapies, you can schedule a free consultation or call us at (281) 313-7435 and we would love to get you all set up in our IV lounge.

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