Week One of ‘Project Biggest Loser’: Preparation is Key

mid section view of a woman cutting vegetablesHave you ever heard the saying “Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”?

It certainly can help to use that philosophy when following our hCG program.

Many of you reading this are following along with us on our ‘Biggest Loser’ contest. (You can read more about it here.)  But for those of you who have stumbled upon our blog that aren’t already patients of mine, ‘Welcome!’ We’ll be posting weekly blogs to help our friends doing our hCG program stay encouraged and informed.

In general, our hCG patients will fall into one of two categories:

1. Those who like to cook

2. Those who don’t

It’s important to know yourself and what will be realistic for you and your lifestyle. But don’t worry-no matter which category you fall in, you can absolutely be successful on the program and we’ll have tips for both groups.

For The Cookers:

Before you get started on the diet, it’s a good idea to prepare your food for the first few days or even the whole week.

Getting Started: All About Planning

1. Review the Rules

-Look over the list of foods recommended and recipes in your hCG cookbook.

2. Make a Plan: Create a Menu for the Week

-Even if you’re not a planner at heart, this will really help you stay on track.

3. Shop for the Week

-Simply having the ingredients that you need on hand can keep you from cheating and grabbing something that you shouldn’t

4. Make Your Meals Ahead of Time

-Whether it’s one meal or several, having some meals already prepared is so helpful.

-You can always double or triple a recipe and freeze meals for later.

If reading over the list of suggestions for our ‘Cookers’ has left you overwhelmed and you just know that cooking your hCG food is not for you, we have another suggestion:

For The Non-Cookers

1.  Utilize an hCG-friendly food service.

If you’re in the Sugar Land/Houston area, we wholeheartedly recommend The Dinner Dude.  They are able to take the ingredients allowed on the program and make the most of them-creating truly delicious, fresh food that you would want to eat even if you weren’t on the program. A few of our favorites are their Famous Texas Chili, Chicken Cacciatore and Shrimp Diablo.

A Extra Pointers for Both Groups

1.  Prep and Pack your fruit ahead of time.

-If you like your apples sliced, chop them up and keep them in baggies. If you’re eating oranges, go ahead and peel them. Strawberries? Wash and hull them, and keep them in a travel container. If you keep your fruit prepped and ready to eat in your fridge, you can simply grab them in the morning, toss them in your bag and have them ready for when you’re craving something sweet.

2.  Carry hot tea and Stevia with you.

-Sometimes, just having something warm in your stomach can really make you feel satiated. If hunger strikes mid-afternoon at the office, make a cup of tea. You’ll be surprised how much it helps.  Several of our patients also mention tea as a way to make it through the evening, when you’ve finished dinner and feel like you need dessert.

I hope these tips help you in getting started on the plan! I want you to be successful and I know that you can be! Stay tuned for next weeks blog where we’ll be discussing navigating restaurants and going out to eat on the hCG program.

Tell us what you think in the comments below!  If you’re on the program, do you have any additional tips for our readers?

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