Staff Success Stories: Our HCG Program

scaleOne of our recent additions to the Dr. Shel team, Jessica G., has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success on the HCG Program. Here, she shares part of her journey with us:

“I have done so many diets in my life, I sometimes joke that I’m a ‘professional dieter.’ After trying the HCG program, I honestly feel like I have found something that will give me lasting results. No program I’ve ever done has worked as well, or as quickly, as the HCG program has for me.”

“I had my first baby just over 9 months ago and I have been on a quest to get back to my pre-baby weight ever since. By the end of my pregnancy, I was shocked to see that I had gained a whopping 65 lbs. (Ouch-that even hurt to type! LOL!) I figured that surely I’d lose a bunch of weight, you know, actually having the baby. And then there was breastfeeding-surely I’d lose a ton from that…I mean, doesn’t that burn like 1000 calories a day or something?  But alas, I found myself 10 weeks post delivery and only down 20 lbs (Yes, that was including the baby!). So, I had done the HCG program before and had a lot of success; I knew that it would be my best bet for taking off the baby weight. I began the HCG program and in 42 days I lost 25 pounds-I was on my way to getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I just completed a second, shorter round of treatment and successfully lost 15 pounds in 24 days! I’m so happy with the results and am looking forward to reaching my weight loss goals!”

We are thrilled that Jessica is doing so well on the program and we feel privileged to have helped so many other patients to reach their goals. It is very important that HCG treatment be medically supervised, so each of the patients that I treat are tested before beginning and are monitored on a regular basis throughout the process. We check our patient’s thyroid function to make sure their metabolism is ideal so they can lose the weight AND keep it off.  Another aspect that differentiates our program is that we also evaluate our patient’s hormonal status to see if there may be any hormonal, adrenal or lifestyle issues contributing to their weight gain. You can read more about our HCG Program here.

Dr. Oz was recently discussing the topic of HCG on his program and had some interesting things to say.  You can view his videos by clicking here.

For more information on our HCG Program, please call our offices to schedule a consultation.

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