Are You Toxic? 5 Warning Signs & What You Can Do To Detox

detoxLet’s get one thing straight… Toxins are EVERYWHERE.  And although I wish I could share with you how you may be able to avoid toxins altogether, it’s just not feasible or realistic. What I can offer you, however, is a solution to toxicity.

Think about it. Every day we shower in chlorinated water, we most likely spray ourselves with perfume or cologne, and we put on clothes that were probably washed in chemical and fragrance-laden laundry detergent. Next stop is making some coffee and breakfast, which is often grown with the help of pesticides. Then, for finishing touches, you reach for some aerosol spray or gel to hold your hair in place.  This means that before you even step outside to get your day started, you’ve already been in contact with well over 100 chemicals. Then, of course, you head out into an array of chemicals in the air, exhaust, fertilizers in the grass, and so on. Pretty eye-opening when you think about it, right?

Now, enough of the scary stuff. There are several things that you can do around your house and in your life to reduce the toxic load, such as switching to all-natural soaps, scents and cleaning agents. I thoroughly recommend taking inventory of your products and making changes where you can! However, I also know that this is not an easy feat and that no matter what, you will need to detoxify yourself on a regular basis to prevent various illness and ailments that come with too much exposure.

Not sure if you are toxic? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to see if you are experiencing warning signs of toxicity:
  1. Are you constantly forgetful or lacking mental clarity? Environmental toxins affect the brain more so than any other organ. Lack of mental clarity, or brain fog, is a common symptom of toxicity.  The solution to this would be to remove the number of toxins you’re exposing your body and brain too. Once this happens, the cloud of brain fog is able to finally lift, giving you the ability to concentrate and focus more clearly.
  2. Have you gained weight that you can’t seem to lose? Not many people know that toxins are stored in fat cells.  Thus meaning, the more toxins, the larger the fat cells (not cool).  So if you’re toxic, it’s obvious that your body could be holding onto unnecessary fat cells. By simply eliminating these toxins, your liver can better break down fat cells, opening up the pathway to a healthy metabolism and that ideal body that most of us are after.
  3. Do you suffer from frequent headaches?  Another little-known fact:  headaches are a way the body attempts to detoxify itself.  Therefore, recurring headaches are a sure sign that your brain is overexposed to toxins and poisons.  This is your brain’s way of telling you it’s time to remove the toxins from not only your environment but from your cells, too.
  4. Has your skin been troublesome lately? Many times when your body has absorbed one too many chemicals on the inside, your skin shows it on the outside. Acne, eczema, and psoriasis are all signs your body is trying to push out toxins as it works to fight contaminants that are not being processed by the liver.
  5. Are you experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance? Symptoms such as sleepless nights, depression, mood swings, low libido, and allergies are all signs of hormonal imbalance. It is possible that because of the toxins, your hormones are unable to assimilate properly; therefore, they are not able to function properly.

Think about detoxing like getting an oil change for your car.  When you need an oil change, your car drives sluggish and bogged down.  After the oil change (the detox) your car (your body) works seamlessly together and runs smooth.  

How do I properly detox?
  • First, you will need to remove as many poisons from your daily life, one step at a time. Consider eating a clean diet, free from food and drinks containing excess sugar, artificial sweeteners, farm-raised meats, and non-organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Supplement with detoxifying antioxidants, such as those included in our 14-day detox.  If you would like additional detoxification, Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants you can find, and it works wonders when it comes to flushing out toxins. Our Glutathione can be given in high doses intravenously through a vitamin IV therapy.
  • Finally, you will want to replenish the nutrients after the detoxification process.  A daily multivitamin would be great along with a high quality probiotic.  

Because this sounds a lot more simple then it truly is, I have created an all-inclusive detox program that accomplishes all of this and more. The 14-Day Cleanse & Detox Program is not only a safe and effective detox program, but it’s easy to follow and offers incredible results in helping to rid the body of chemicals, toxins and poisons.

Learn more about the 14-Day Detox Cleanse & Detox Program here, or call us at 281-313-7435 to get started on a personalized detoxification program.

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