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hormone allergy connection

The Hormone / Allergy Connection

Did you begin to experience seasonal allergies later in life, especially after having children, during perimenopause, or after menopause? As adults, women tend to be more vulnerable to allergies than men, and in many cases hormones may be to blame. There are actually allergic genes that can be activated by hormonal changes and cause women… Read More »

Common Allergies in Houston

As a Houstonian, you are probably no stranger to seasonal allergies. Patients react to different conditions in different ways. One of these allergens may bother you extensively, while you may be completely unaware of others. By knowing what triggers your seasonal allergies, we can treat you with the use of customized allergy drops…that right, NO… Read More »

Sneezing & Wheezing & Sniffling, OH MY!

Do your seasonal allergies have you running to the pharmacy to buy anti-histamines, decongestants, and Kleenex? Did you know that you can actually treat your allergies naturally and very effectively? So, instead of simply treating your symptoms of allergies, you can treat the causes of your allergy symptoms by increasing your immunity, reducing your allergy… Read More »

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