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A Fresh Outlook for Moms

This month, we celebrate all the wonderful Moms in our lives. If you’re a mother, you know that sleepless nights and stress can leave you with puffy, tired eyes.  We’re excited to be offering some special products to help you look bright-eyed and refreshed this month. We have a special gift available in our office… Read More »

Vitamin C…for your Skin?

This time of year, you may be stocking up on Vitamin C to treat or prevent a cold. You may not know, however, that Vitamin C can also be greatly beneficial to your skin. If you are in your 20′s and 30′s, skin care should be all about prevention-taking good care of your skin now, so… Read More »

Age Gracefully: Combat the Signs of Aging

From our friends at Obagi-a great testimonial about how Obagi products can transform your skin.  Can you believe the woman pictured here is 73 years old? Amazing! Aging is a natural process that, like it or not, will occur in all of us. Fortunately, by understanding how your skin ages and the long-term effects of… Read More »


The Power to Transform Your Skin: Obagi Nu-derm

Women, and even men, are always on the hunt to find that miracle product-the skin care solution that will make them look more youthful, more radiant, their best possible self, etc.  The truth is that, though many products may have pretty packaging and a great marketing campaign behind it, the results they provide are often… Read More »

Beneath the Surface: Digital Complexion Analysis

Science has come a long way in recent years, especially in the field of skin care and aesthetics.  Once upon a time, we were only able to give our patients recommendations for skin treatment based on what our naked eye could see-what was visible on the surface.  There have been some amazing advancements in technology… Read More »

Beautiful Skin, On-the-Go!

From our friends at  As the mercury climbs higher and the kids are finally out of school, you’ve probably begun thinking about all the exciting destinations you want to visit this summer. Staying on top of the latest packing tips can make your travels less stressful while making sure you bring along the essentials… Read More »

Beat the Summer Heat With Sun Smart Beauty

from our friends at   With summer vacation just starting and the Fourth of July quickly approaching, you may be planning trips to the beach, lazy days in the backyard hammock, and neighborhood barbecues that last well into the evening—so you’re going to need plenty of ways to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays… Read More »

Are You Looking and Feeling Your Best at Work?

From our friends at “In today’s busy, get-it-done-yesterday world, it can be difficult to find time for the most important person: yourself. That’s why we’re taking some time off in June to celebrate Professional Wellness Month! We could all use a reminder now and then that looking and feeling fantastic—yes, even while at work—are… Read More »

Did You Know May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month?

( May has quickly arrived, which means it’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Considering the disease is the most common form of cancer diagnosed in the United States, it’s easy to see the importance of the initiative. Fortunately, skin cancer is also one of the most preventable forms of cancer. Before heading outdoors this summer, we… Read More »

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