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CoolSmooth Applicator

NEW Flat Applicator Makes CoolSculpting Even Better!

Since CoolSculpting was introduced a few years ago we have treated hundreds of patients by literally Freezing away stubborn fat. We are so excited to now carry the latest in CoolSculpting technology…the CoolSmooth applicator! Until now, CoolSculpting required using a vacuum hand piece on the areas of the body that patients wished to target. For… Read More »

Study Finds Married Couples Live Longer

According to a study conducted by researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Cincinnati, married couples tend to live longer than those who are single.   The study found that the rate of mortality among men dropped 80% and among women 59% when married. They also found that married couples had lower levels… Read More »

Neotensil is Like Shapewear for the Eyes!

Watch as Fox News interviews patients and physicians who are experiencing the amazing results of Neotensil on under-eye bags! The video takes a little while to load…please be patient. BEFORE & AFTER:    

Skin Cancer May Raise Your Risk Of Other Cancers In The Future

From The Huffington Post: This is a good reminder for us to protect our skin, not only to prevent the signs of aging, but for our overall health. -Dr. Shel “Having non-melanoma skin cancer may increase your risk of other cancers later on, a new study suggests. Harvard researchers found that men who had been… Read More »

A Clever Idea for Hot Flashes & A Cool Success Story

“I read this article in The Huffington Post recently and thought it was too cute not to share. I think that Connie Sherman’s story is inspiring-she came up with a creative solution to an all too common problem and is now helping thousands of people. Please know that if you are experiencing hot flashes or… Read More »

Generosity: What’s in It for You?

From The Huffington Post: “Generosity is no longer the selfless act we’ve long thought it to be. Studies now suggest that one of the biggest benefactors of generosity is the person who is dishing it out. Like a healthy diet, exercise, and good genes, generosity may increase your life span. A 2003 research study at the University of… Read More »

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