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Skin Cancer May Raise Your Risk Of Other Cancers In The Future

From The Huffington Post: This is a good reminder for us to protect our skin, not only to prevent the signs of aging, but for our overall health. -Dr. Shel “Having non-melanoma skin cancer may increase your risk of other cancers later on, a new study suggests. Harvard researchers found that men who had been… Read More »

9 Ways Successful People Defeat Stress

From The Huffington Post By: Heidi Grant Halvorson, Ph.D  ”Feeling stressed? Of course you are. You have too much on your plate, deadlines are looming, people are counting on you, and to top it all off, you still have holiday shopping to do. You are under a lot of pressure — so much that at… Read More »

Generosity: What’s in It for You?

From The Huffington Post: “Generosity is no longer the selfless act we’ve long thought it to be. Studies now suggest that one of the biggest benefactors of generosity is the person who is dishing it out. Like a healthy diet, exercise, and good genes, generosity may increase your life span. A 2003 research study at the University of… Read More »

The Next Fat Fighting Solution Is…Cola?

A great article from Dr. Dicqie: “I recently read about a new product that is being introduced in other countries (presumably to test market and prove efficacy) before they bring it to America. Pepsi is promoting their new drink “Pepsi Special” in Japan, which claims to allow less absorption of fat in the system. They… Read More »

Skip the Seconds Stop Centering Your Thanksgiving Around Food

From   You endured a two-hour dinner, your kids are loudly playing X-Box, your husband is snoring on the La-Z-Boy, and you’ve completed your culinary duties with a perfect 20-pound organic turkey. So what to do now? If you’re like most people during Thanksgiving, you slip back into the kitchen to “clean” and nosh… Read More »

Chronic Stress: The Hidden Health Risks

From The Huffington Post By Meryl Davids Landau, for U.S. News According to a recent American Psychological Association poll, nearly a quarter of Americans confessed to currently feeling under “extreme stress.” Respondents especially blamed money, work, and the economy—a feeling 50-year-old Sue Wasserman knows all too well. In February, the public relations manager left Atlanta… Read More »

Blood Sugar: Stop Fatigue, Beat Insomnia, Lose the Weight

from “The Centers for Disease Control estimate that more than one million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The disorder is one of the most complicated conditions in existence and doctors have a difficult time determining the underlying cause in most people. There are also a number of misconceptions about the disorder and patients… Read More »

Become a Lean, Mean, Beauty Machine

From our friends at Obagi   It’s no secret that exercise can make you feel stronger, healthier, and more confident, but working up a sweat can do more for your body than just help you squeeze into your favorite outfit. Regular exercise is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy-looking skin. These… Read More »

Bringing Order to Chaos: Strategies for a More Peaceful Life

This month, we’re shining a light on the topic of ‘Organizing Your Life’.  This subject is important to me because I believe that when your time and priorities are in proper order, it opens the door for a more peaceful, productive life. Additionally, our stress levels have such an effect on both your inner health… Read More »

Healthy Eating & Exercise Linked With Workplace Productivity

From The Huffington Post “Eating poorly and not exercising could be taking a toll on areas other than your waistline — it could also affect how productive you are at work, new research suggests. A new study that will be published in the journal Population Health Management shows that eating unhealthily is linked with a… Read More »

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