Botox: Used For More Than Just Fine Lines

Botox, believe it or not, has been used around the world for decades. Formerly known for its ability to treat various eye and muscle spasm disorders, it has made itself highly popular in the world of aesthetics.

The injection is most commonly used now as an anti-aging facial treatment, working best to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Given its ability to relax various facial muscles, it gives the skin a smoother, healthier, younger appearance. Check out this before and after:

Whereas Botox is a fabulous remedy for those looking to achieve younger looking skin, its benefits extend well beyond a confidence booster. As mentioned before, decades ago it was used to treat multiple eye conditions such as strabismus (also known as ‘crossed-eyed’ ) or blepharospasm, a rapid-eye blinking disorder.

Since then, it has been approved for the treatment of excessive sweating, overactive bladders, sex-related problems, neck spasms, migraines and more!

Migraine headaches

If you’re a migraine sufferer, then Botox may not be an option you’ve considered before. Yet, due to the relaxing properties, it has shown to minimize the amount and intensity of migraines.  

How it works: when Botox is injected into the forehead, neck, and shoulder, it releases muscle tension, which then relieves nerves and the nervous system from stress. This reduces the pain and incidence of migraine headaches. Of course, if the migraines are hormone related, we address this by balancing hormones.  This is not a “one size fits all” cure, but it could be helpful for you and we would love to discuss the possibility at a free consultation appointment.

Hyperhydrosis (aka: excessive perspiration)

Are you a victim of excessive sweating? Whether under your arms or in the palms of your hands, you can put this embarrassment behind you – and it’s simple!

How it works: When Botox is injected under the arms or into the palms, it stops the production of sweat by inhibiting the production of acetylcholine. This is the neurotransmitter that stimulates the sweat glands, causing us to sweat so when it is inhibited, perspiration is decreased substantially.

Sex-Related Problems

Although this is yet to be approved by the FDA, Botox is rumored by Allergan to aid several sex-related issues. This includes, women, suffering from painful sex. This is common in those who experience pelvic floor spasms or vaginal contractions.

Men could also benefit from Botox, in particular, those suffering from premature ejaculation. This would require injecting Botox directly into the penis in order to relax the muscle.


If you have or someone you know has any of these conditions, or would simply like to open up your face and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you may want to consider a conservative treatment of Botox. Learn more about Botox and other injectable options here.

If you are interested in Botox or other injectables, such as Xeomin, schedule your consultation today.

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