*results may vary based on a variety of factors

“Prior to my first visit with Dr. Shel in 2014, I had lost the desire to get out of bed in the morning at a young 18 years old. I was depressed, overweight, low energy, had difficulty focusing and remembering, and struggled to complete day-to-day tasks. I went to the gym for several hours a day and ran a half marathon, but never lost weight. As a freshman in college, this made my first year away from home nearly impossible. I visited other doctors who all claimed there was nothing wrong with me and wanted to prescribe birth control. However, I knew I was not well and a pill would not fix everything. I found Dr. Shel and made an appointment, which began my journey back to health. During my first appointment, I could tell that she really cared about helping me become happy and healthy again. She found that I had thyroid and progesterone deficiencies, as well as Candida Systemic Overgrowth. Other doctors I had visited before did not look into any of this because they said it was not likely for me to have thyroid and hormone problems at such a young age. Dr. Shel, however, looked beyond the surface and found the root of my illness. Now, with correct medication and supplements, I feel wonderful, both physically and mentally. I am able to balance college, work, social, family, and relationships with a smile on my face. In addition, due to my weight loss, I’m not scared of trying on clothes anymore. Over the past two years, Dr. Shel has transformed my health and given me my life back, and I would not be where I am today without her.

~Brittany” *

“WONDERFUL!! Dr Shel is great! 8 months ago I was at the emergency room. They stabilized me and I went to a primary care doctor and a GI doctor. They ran many tests and scans. They could not find out what was causing my symptoms. I went from Doctor to doctor and another ER room and a short hospital stay, still not finding what was causing the lightheadedness, dizziness, no appetite, extreme fatigue!! I was so ill, I could not do anything except sit on the couch all day. My whole life shut down, but no answers.

I knew Dr Shel because she had treated me in the past for bio identical hormones. 8 weeks ago, I went back to Dr Shel. She ran a few tests and found that I had Adrenal Fatigue, no one else could figure it out. All the symptoms I had were from Adrenal Fatigue!

She started me on a plan for wellness, she really cared about me as a person, she spent plenty of time listening to my story, and she wanted to get me well! With her treatment plan, I’m finally off the couch and I’ve actually made it to 2 of my grandkids BD parties. Before Dr Shel, I couldn’t attend anything.

I love that Dr Shel uses all natural methods for healing. Not prescription meds with side effects. Although insurance will not cover wellness doctors, but there is a program called CareCredit-12 months to pay it off with no interest!! Dr Shel will work with your financial situation, by customizing a plan for you! She really does care! Thank you, Dr Shel!

~Marla” *


“My sister has had been after me to come over here for about two years now and when I couldn’t stand myself any longer I decided to check Doctor Shel out. We drove over here one day a couple months ago and she took very, very good care of me. I was very much overweight, very bloated, no energy, no sex drive and she said she could fix all of that.

She explained that all the things that were wrong with me had a lot to do with my thyroid and the time in my life in perimenopause. I had a lot of bloodwork done for my hormones and my micronutrients were tested and to see if I had any allergies or lack of vitamins and minerals.

I’ve lost seven pounds already and I hope to lose quite a bit more. I’m on my way! My energy level is extremely improved and I’m of the couch and out of my PJ’s more and more every day. I would definitely recommend Doctor Shel’s office. Definitely make the appointment and get over here and see what she can do for you. She did very well for me. Thank you!

~ Donna” *

“I came in to find out about some of the options like filler and Botox to address the dark circles under my eyes, my lack of volume in my lips and some fine lines and wrinkles before my wedding. I had Voluma in my Chin, under my eyes, as well as addressing the hump on the side of my nose. I also had two lip injections over the course of two weeks, and I went from basically no lips at all to luscious, full lips that look natural. A lot friends say “Hey, you look different. You look really bright and glowing” but they have no idea that anythings done. The Botox I was really nervous about but it’s really natural, there wasn’t any pain during the injections and it just makes me feel younger and look brighter and more alive!

~ Gloria” *

“When I first came to Doctor Shel Wellness I had extreme chronic fatigue. Out of nowhere my body just went down hill. I could barely walk. My parents had to come and live with me because I couldn’t take care my son. I couldn’t do anything for myself The only thing I could do was walk from my bed to my bathroom, I was just that bad! I kept going to different doctors, but no doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. They did a lot of lab work but said everything was fine.

I did some research on the internet and I started reading about hormonal balance. I found Dr. Shel on the internet and decided to make the appointment. Dr. Shel did saliva testing for my hormones and sure enough everything was out of whack! Immediately she started me on the Meyer’s IVs and began the process to regulate my hormones. Over time I started seeing progress and eventually I was able to go back to work. My Dad had to drive me to work and he had to do that for a while, until until I totally got my strength back.

Now I’m at a place where I can drive myself to work and I can take care of myself. My son just graduated high school, he’s going to college son and I was so afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to be a part of that. I’m grateful The entire staff has treated me with love and kindness and they’ve been sweet to me. And I’m so grateful that I found this place. I’m grateful to God first and I’m grateful that he led me here to Dr. Shel Wellness Center. Thank you!!

~ Vinokia” *

“I have been a patient of Dr. Shel for about three months. What brought me to Dr. Shel was that I was becoming very frustrated because I couldn’t lose any weight and I was feeling pretty lousy. I had been on synthetic hormones for about 15 to 20 years and during that time I experience anxiety and I also had a an itchy allergy that I was always dealing with. I have had my thyroid checked almost every year but Doctors always told me that my thyroid was just fine. I still felt sluggish, tired, and I had no energy.

Dr. Shel changed my hormones from synthetic hormones to the Bio-identical hormones. She also discovered that I was having issues with my thyroid. Once I started the medication for the hormones and the thyroid in a matter of weeks I felt like a new woman. In fact I feel 20 years younger because I have energy now, and I’m sleeping at night. I really recommend for those of you ladies who feel lost, you can’t lose any weight, you’re tired, you’re exhausted, I really recommend that you come and see Dr. Shel!

~ Seeju Dupree” *

“I’m a new patient of Dr. Shels and I came here about two months ago. Before I came I was already on bioidentical hormones but I was still having issues that i felt had not been improved, such as fatigue, poor complexion, and most importantly…I could not sleep!

I made an appointment with Dr. Shel and a couple weeks later when all the lab results came back in it turned out some of my levels were too low and some were too high. She changed my compounded hormone cream to a different combination. Still progesterone and estrogen but a different formula. She also added a progesterone capsule and a supplement plan to help my concerns.

It’s been about a month or so later and all of my symptoms have definitely improved. Now I’m sleeping like a baby, my complexion is clear and I definitely feel more energetic! I think Dr. Shel is a wonderful lady to speak with. She puts you at ease. She is concerned and she’s a wonderful listener. I feel like we’re on the road to much improved health and I highly recommend her. She’s very skilled, intelligent and a very gifted lady.

~ Sincerely Jean Lee” *

“Hello Dr, Shel & Staff

Thank you & your Staff for the heart felt concerns and for the many Sacrifices each of you have made in order to grow in Wisdom &  knowledge so that your clients can: LIVE OUR BEST LIVES POSSIBLE!

I am feeling very well most days.and am still in recovery mode from so much unaware abusive I did to my body. but over all I feel that my body is being renewed daily as I follow the regiment of supplements and change of diet you have prescribed. And tho I’m at a little stand still concerning the IV Therapy you suggested to remove the Heavy Toxins, because of finances right now but, I am still moving forward in testing out another remedy that may have some potentials; Chlorella ,Spirulina, and Cilantro.

Your service is a Blessing as I’ve never witness a health team that works so powerfully together as you guys, and my hearts desire is to spread the Good News to every women who may be at a lost (as I was) on how to Reclaim their Health. I can now say; HELP has available at Dr. Shel Wellness Center.

May the Lord continue to widen your boarders of your practice and Increase your service to reach great numbers so that they too can; LIVE LIFE AT IT’S BEST !

~ Sincerely Liddie” *

Dear Doctor Shel,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! for you innovative and alternative treatments…but above all for the care and concern you show! Thank you also for coming out and helping my mother – that meant so much to me. I am so grateful for all of the accommodations you offer me so I can continue with my treatments and therapies – this is the most health I have ever experienced and it’s all thanks to you! May God continue to bless you and your practice so you may continue making a difference!

~ With Deepest Gratitude, Gris *

I feel very welcome and I am treated very respectful. I do like the staff and I am very happy with Vickie.

~ Luisa Albo *

“The team here are absolutely fantastic!!! I appreciate being able to have all of my concerns answered by one physician, in one location. It certainly makes life more convenient if you don’t have to explain what other doctors have reported or done concerning health issues. I love the “wellness” portion and making sure that all needs, not just physical, are addressed.”

~ Alicia *

“I’m very, very pleased with the Coolsculpting treatment I had, and have recommended it to all my friends that have maintained stable weight but have resistant areas of fat.”

~ Larissa *

My journey began with Dr. Shel approximately 5 years ago. I was tired all of the time, overweight, and I had little confidence in myself. I consulted with Dr. Shel, and she did the nutritional testing to see what I was lacking in my diet, she checked my hormones and thyroid, and she referred me to a nutritionist to help revamp my diet. Dr. Shel also put me on a vitamin protocol to help me to bring the vitamins and minerals I was deficient in up to the appropriate levels.

As a result of the advice and treatments Dr. Shel recommended, I lost 26 lbs. which I have been able to avoid regaining because her nutritionist taught me how to eat to nourish my body and to avoid gaining weight, my energy levels increased dramatically, and my self esteem was much improved.

We also discussed some aesthetic possibilities to help improve my overall appearance. At that time, I had the Laser Genesis and the Titan Laser procedure. I also had Botox and Juvaderm injections. My results were dramatic.I was recently divorced after 40 years of marriage. Needless to say, I was devastated and I found my self esteem at an all time low. I went to see Dr. Shel to see what I could do to feel better about myself. I have recently had Botox injections and I have also had the Ultherapy treatment on my neck and jowl area.

My results have been amazing. One of the wonderful things about Ultherapy is the improvement is gradual. I have been told I look much younger than I did a few years ago, but no one can tell what I have had done to enhance my appearance. Also, there is no down time with Ultherapy. I feel so much better about myself.

Thanks to Dr. Shel and her wonderful staff, I have been able to move forward with my life with confidence.

I am a huge fan!

~ Carolyn Cease *

“Thank you for really listening, Dr. Shel, and sharing your expertise and guidance in such a compassionate way! I’m very appreciative of the wonderful demeanor of all your staff, who are all top notch! What a difference you’ve made in my life!”

~ Dorothy *

“I love coming here because prior to my visits I did not know where to turn health wise. Dr. Shel and her staff are always so kind and always take the time out to answer my questions. I do feel that this will be the year that I restore my health.”

~ Shondra *

“I’ve only written a handful of reviews in my life. I only do so when a service or product is exceptionally BAD & I think people should know; or when a service or product is exceptionally GOOD, & I think people should know.

I’ve been a patient at Dr. Shel’s for 2 months. I was immediately impressed upon my first visit with Dana (complimentary consult). She was extremely knowledgeable & seemed genuinely concerned & invested in helping me achieve MY goals.

Now, this is not my first rodeo. I’ve tried EVERY diet, read dozens of books on the subjects of weight loss & nutrition, tried pills & supplements, hired nutritionists & trainers, joined gyms… Day one Dr. Shel’s staff turned me on to a program that works. Yes, I was very skeptical & expected the same non-results I’ve seen for the majority of my adult life. Surprisingly, I met my weight loss goals in only two months (30+ Lbs gone; BMI from 31 to 20).

Kristie, Dr. Shel’s PA is amazing; never leaving my side, every step of the way. ANY question, concern, or difficulty she has offered appropriate support, expertise, guidance, prescription, etc. She makes my continued success & overall well being her top priority & works efficiently to ensure that I’m equipped to do my part as well.

Both Kristie & Dana made it clear that they’re available any time, if I need anything & they are. Failure is just not an option for these wonderful women! And I have to say, failure can be pretty easy when it comes to any weight loss program. They have been realistic with me & have sugar coated nothing. It’s been inspiring & has given me the strength I needed to do my difficult part in the plan.

When I say it ‘only’ took 2 months, in no way do I suggest it was easy…it was not easy, not cheap, but totally been worth it–the single best investment I’ve ever made. It’s required lots of discipline, & that I adopt the same winning attitude they have.

The various traditional medical doctors I’ve seen before Dr. Shel, point blank, told me the reason I was so exhausted all the time, gaining weight, finding it impossible to lose weight was because of my age (I’m in my mid 30’s–give me a break) & because I’m the mother of 2 young children (I know women with 4 children who work full time & manage to keep it together). The traditional medicine docs also pretty much told me I needed to accept my situation; that I would always have difficulty losing weight; and I would always struggle keeping it off. Yes–it’s no wonder I was so depressed.

(For the record–listen up traditional medicine docs–my children are WONDERFUL, a daily delight…they are the best gifts a person could have…they give me joy THEY do not deplete me; they are in no way the source of what ails me!!)

I met with Dr. Shel for the first time a month into the program. She totally gets what I knew in my heart to be true. Women don’t have to be tired and feel run-down all of the time–there are causes to this problem & solutions; we identified both. We also found reasons for my difficulties losing weight in the past. Failure is not an option for her either; she confidently told me that what I was experiencing could be managed. I went from feeling like traditional medicine’s most complicated & unsolvable mystery to probably one of her easiest, straightforward, ‘typical’ cases. She was the first doctor to confirm what I’ve always believed…the thyroid, weight, fatigue, & endometriosis issues I’ve endured for years very likely are related to one another & have a likely contributor (hormonal imbalance). When I’ve asked mainstream doctors about links or causes to these issues, I get clueless blank stares.

I now have a realistic & doable plan of action for my future. I believe that some of the discoveries made through the bloodwork & hormone testing will guide me in making better choices for my daughter. I can now learn what can to be done to help her avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve endured. Now that I have this information, I can provide my daughter with wholesome nutrition & an optimal environment that supports balance for her.

Thanks to ALL of the staff there, I truly feel my very best. Even the front desk staff offer genuine words of affirmation & help out in any way they can. I haven’t felt this energetic, alive, productive and WELL since my childhood. I feel blessed to have met them & am so appreciative of their role in my journey. I feel like the mother my children deserve to have, the wife I’ve always wanted to be, & the me I was born to be.

If you decide to go forward with their services, testing, and plans for wellness…do so with an open mind & with the dedication & discipline with which they exemplify & bring to the table. It worked for me! It’s not magic, it’s not free; you’ll get what you pay for. Seek the truth & be prepared to learn something new. I had to step outside of my comfort zone & trust in something I wasn’t all that sure about. It was a leap of faith I’m so glad I took.”

~ Maribel *

“Dr. Shel’s entire staff are welcoming and professional each time I visit her office. All staff members take the necessary time for me to feel comfortable or to explain information so I understand completely.

I can’t explain how beneficial I found the testing for Thyroid, Hormone Levels and Food Allergies/Sensitivities. After getting my results back and following Dr. Shel’s recommendations, I have lost 34 lbs. in 7 months (my goal was 35-40 lbs.). My brain fog is gone. I can remember things again. My high energy level has returned. My hair and skin look healthy again. My libido has greatly improved. I feel like I’m 30 again instead of 50! I recommend Dr. Shel to all of my friends and family.”

~ Cindy Lou Keschinger *

Kathy“Three years ago I felt that life “as I knew it” was over for me. In my youth I was considered “a looker”. (If I do say so myself). Nice face and a thick head of luxuriant strawberry blonde hair. Time goes on and hair color fades (easily fixed by a bottle) and things start to droop. This is natural, right? Whatever happened to aging gracefully? To top things off I started having serious trouble sleeping, had absolutely NO libido and felt very depressed. I figured this was just what aging was about and did nothing about it. Then it happened… My hair started falling out. Handfuls of hair in the shower. Yikes! I needed help!

I went to my general practitioner and asked for hormone help and was told, “They don’t do that”. Went to a gynecologist and was told I can’t have hormones because I am on coumadin (a blood thinner). I was having a panic attack – seriously. Then I happened to tune in to Great Day Houston and saw Dr. Shel as she was explaining how she could help women with compounded hormones – as well as many other methods of treatment. So… I made the call and am I ever glad I did!

After thorough testing, Dr. Shel was able to put me on medicines compounded just for me – coumadin, and all! I took Revage treatments for my hair loss. A painless 20 minutes twice a week. Within 6 months I finally had the nerve to go to my hair stylist and have some color put back in. (I went for months and months not daring to touch it and even afraid to wash too much as it always fell out in the shower).

Once I started getting my hair colored again I noticed that things were drooping around my chin. I looked in to some of the aesthetic treatments offered at the spa and decided to bite the bullet and get something done. I had laser skin tightening and Radiesse fillers. I look many years younger, no more drooping and wrinkling and am actually feeling quite frisky! When people I meet find out my actual age their jaws literally drop! I am once again considered a (mature) looker! (If I do say so myself!)”

~ Kathy *

“I was very inspired by your zeal and passion in utilizing and integrating the world’s best acknowledged skill to not only treat patients, but also to restore their lives by all modalities. Your vitality would influence many people’s lives not only in therapeutic way, but also with motivation and positive mindset. So enjoyed your lecture at the PCCA SYMPOSIUM just last week. Bless your practice and patients being treated!”

~ Elaine Kim, Pharm D *

“Counting my blessings today and you all are at the top of my list. Everyone was so kind and patient with me . You all were right I only have some redness & some puffiness . I am so pleased and know the outcome will be beautiful. Thanks you all !!! God is good!” *

“Recently I went to Dr. Shel Wellness & Aesthetic Center because I had been suffering with symptoms of low thyroid and what I suspected was adrenal fatigue. But I could not get a doctor to believe me. They kept saying everything was normal. Dr. Shel was one of the first doctors to listen to me and diagnosis my problem. It turns out I was just on the wrong thyroid medication, and with a few adjustments I felt tremendously better. I did not have adrenal fatigue after all, it was just poorly treated thyroid. I was relieved to find out my problems were not as big as I thought! Thank you Dr. Shel.” *

“Words really cannot describe the countless blessings that have been bestowed on me because of Dr. Shel and her knowledge, skills and abilities to help me. I recently traveled overseas to Italy and although it was a lifetime experience, I unfortunately contracted an upper respiratory infection. After several doctors, hospital visits, I returned home and which quickly turned to Dr. Shel for a solution. She recommended Myer’s cocktail, which was exactly what I needed to get well. I’m so grateful to have Dr. Shel’s support.”

~ Portia *

“Everyone has been very sweet: Sherry has been outstanding, Ashley and Laci have been very compassionate and excellent with their hands while doing blood work. The atmosphere is beautiful- The flow of positive energy is powerful! Thank you Dr. Shel: for your compassion and for a beautiful experience. When I came in for the first time it erased the pain I had suffered along the path and journey I had walked. With appreciation,”

~ Elida *

“I am very satisfied thus far for the careful treatment, and the follow-up has been very comforting with such an intimate procedure. Love the fact that you have a very large staff – no holes…an expert for each and every need or position & service required.”

~ Carol B. *

“I simply want to say Thank You for all that you ladies are doing for me! I can’t tell you how awesome I feel, getting back to the “Me” that I haven’t known in sometime! So far, I’m at a 33lb loss and although I still want to lose about that much more, I’m thrilled to be at a halfway point. I’m being complimented daily and I simply feel better. I have more energy and honestly… I look forward to eating better and the work-outs that make up my “New” daily routine. I’ve been battling weight loss on and off for years, and although it’s something you yourself have to make up your mind to do, the nudge Dr. Shel gave me to get started (and her kind offer for the HCG diet), was the motivation needed to get me back on track. I’m sincerely grateful to you and your staff (I feel their encouragement and support every time I come in, and that fuels me even more). Dr. Shel Wellness, you ladies are forever in my heart! Muah!!!!”

~ LaToya *

“Dr. Shel has been an answer to my prayer. I came to her about 2 years ago with post menopausal symptoms, i.e.: hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings etc. She tested my hormone levels and got my medications on track. Within just a few weeks of taking her recommended hormone replacements, I was sleeping great and no more hot flashes! I feel wonderful! I feel like a new person, like I’m young again! And now women that are half my age cannot keep up with me. Thank you Dr. Shel!!!

What stands out about Dr. Shel is; she is caring, knowledgeable, and really listens to her patients. I would highly recommend her to anyone because you will not be disappointed. The staff at the wellness center is friendly and always willing to help any way they can and that makes you feel wonderful when you go there.”

~ Alemla *

“Dr. Shel, I received Titan laser skin tightening and Genesis skin therapy in the coming year and look forward to continue working with “Team Shel!”

~ Teri *

“Thank you Dr. Shel for helping us feel more energetic and active!”

~ Robert & Kathy *

“I met Dr. Shel when I was pregnant with my little boy. After giving birth, Dr. Shel helped balance my hormones and helped me feel great. I also began seeing Dr. Shel for my skin imperfections. Now with HDTV starting Feb. 2009, Dr. Shel and her staff will be seeing me all of the time!”

~ Lara Bell, KTVU-TV Houston *

“Thanks for keeping me ’29′!”

~ Roseann *

Thank you Dr. Shel. I feel so good on the inside and out!”

~ Kathy *

“A fantastic experience!”

~ The Alstons *

“Dr. Shel, thanks for everything and keeping us fabulous!

~ Susan *

“Dr. Shel, thank you for helping turn back the clock.”

~ David *

“I appreciate Dr. Shel’s holistic approach to medicine. She takes great care of me!”

~ Kathy H. *

“Thanks for all of your help Dr. Shel…you’re the best!”

~ Tracey *

“I feel so new and alive again! Dr. Shel’s approach to wellness with hormone replacement and bio-identical hormones gave me my life back. Thank you!”

~ Patricia *

“Keep it up Dr. S! Everything is truly painless. Great results and wonderful care!”

~ Rob *

“Dr. Shel is awesome! I finally feel like myself again. It is great to have such a wonderful one-stop wellness facility in Sugar Land!”

~ Bibi *

“Dr. Shel’s commitment to treating the WHOLE BODY…mind, body and spirit – is a breath of fresh air in medicine. Thanks Dr. Shel!”

~ Cheryl *

“Thanks Dr. Shel for all that you do to help women maintain more than their ‘youth’, but rather their SELF CONFIDENCE!”

~ Jacque *

“Visiting Dr. Shel’s Wellness Center is like coming home to friends…love it!”

~ Jyoti *