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Slim Down with Shel – Medically Guided & Holistic Weight Management Program Sugar Land, TX

I’m a firm believer that summer bodies are made in the winter. Right now is the perfect time to start getting your summer body ready. Slim Down with Shel was created to help guide and support you through the weight loss process. Coupled with a paleo-style eating plan and exercise, the combination of nutritional IV’s, Slim Shot injections and supplements work synergistically to promote energy, reduce cravings and boost your metabolism.

Believe it or not, in just three short months from now you’ll be pulling out that swimsuit and will want to look and feel your absolute best.


Slim Down with Shel Includes:

  • 3 Weight Loss IVs
  • 3 Slim Shot Plus Injections
  • Weight Support Supplement
  • CLA Supplement
  • Chromium Supplement



Like all good things, this sale will come to an end so don’t wait. If you’ve been looking for the next solution to help you get down to your ideal body weight so that you can look great and feel even better, call us today to purchase your Slim Down Program. Offer expires 2/28/18. Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.


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