Don’t take a vacation from health

Take care of yourself and your family this summer with these helpful, and healthful, tips.

Maintain regular sleep patterns- even though school is out of session, it is still important to maintain healthy sleep patterns for ourselves and our children. Proper sleep is the foundation for healthy developmental growth of our young generation. It is just as important for adults to get adequate sleep as well since this is the time our body needs to relax, rebuild, and repair. Remember to keep the late nights at a minimum and your Advanced Sleep Support at your fingertips.

Snacking is at an all time high- with the elimination of scheduled after-school snacks and lunches the kitchen can resemble an all-night diner and the cupboard a vending machine. It is important to provide the right snacks for our growing children to help support their development both physically and mentally. Healthy snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts will give you the energy you need to keep up with the summer fun. Remember to fill your refrigerator and not your pantry.

With the increase in summer heat and humidity, our bodies require an increase in water intake to prevent dehydration. Water is essential to our body’s functions and the elimination of toxins. If you are looking to trim off a few pounds before your big vacation, remember to drink plenty of fluids to support your workout!

Continue to have a fun, safe, and healthy summer!


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