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There's What In My Salt?

There’s What In My Salt?!!

Salt, in its unaltered state, is not the small, dry, pure white little cube found in common table salt. In its natural form, salt is actually moist, clumpy, slightly off-color, and more flavorful than refined salt. Natural, unrefined salt can have many health benefits, but what most people don’t realize is that the white stuff […]


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Top 10 Foods to Help Prevent Cancer

Getting cancer is one of the scariest things we may face in life. If there are things we can do to help reduce our chances of ever getting cancer, I think we can all agree that we should know what they are and try to implement those things into our daily lives. Hippocrates said: “Let […]


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5 Tips for Instant Workout Motivation!

Everyone has an off-day when they just can’t bring themselves to work out. However, sometimes an off-day turns into multiple days of excuses and procrastination. When you get into a workout slump it can be hard to get back into a routine. The following 5 tips will help you to avoid this pitfall and get […]


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Relax With Massage Therapy

How to achieve relaxation through different massage techniques. Trying to relax yourself after a hectic and stressful day is easier said than done. Earlier this week in my blog, I talked about how many of the triggers that cause anxiety are not surprising or uncommon problems, but are ongoing stressors in our day-to-day lives. When […]


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Undying Love & Devotion

A beautiful and touching love story of a couple that had been together so long and loved each other so much that they could not live apart…literally. After his wife had only been given days to live, Norbert, despite having no signs of being ill, passed mere hours before her. I think this couple can […]


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Study Finds Married Couples Live Longer

According to a study conducted by researchers from Michigan State University and the University of Cincinnati, married couples tend to live longer than those who are single.   The study found that the rate of mortality among men dropped 80% and among women 59% when married. They also found that married couples had lower levels […]


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