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How To Energize Your Mornings (Without All The Coffee)

Simple tips for becoming energized first thing in the morning. During the long summer days in June and July, it’s easy to find motivation to get up early―more time spent outside doing outdoor activities, soaking up as much sunshine as the summer season has to offer, or getting to your local parks and pools early… Read More »

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Women

3 Tips For Becoming A Much More Powerful YOU!

Simple advice for staying powerful, healthy and happy at any age. There are many different events and moments throughout life that can bring you utter joy and happiness: A breathtaking moment in one of your favorite places, a simple, wonderful comment from someone important to you, even just a day spent at home relaxing, not… Read More »

Outdoor Exercise Can Improve Mind, Body & Spirit

“Green” fitness has positive effects on your mind and your overall well being. There is no debating the numerous health benefits that come along with daily fitness and exercise: improved health and form, a reduced risk of illness and disease, and a significant decrease in stress and anxiety levels. However, daily fitness is not the… Read More »

Adult Acne: Why You Get It and How to Get Rid of It

Everything you need to know about fighting off pesky zits and pimples. When people think of acne, they typically experience embarrassing flashbacks to their awkward teenage years―big, frizzy hair, mouth full of braces and a complexion that was simply out of control, to put in nicely. Thank goodness those years are far behind us… or… Read More »

Working Towards A Better You

Daily exercise can improve your mind, body and mood. One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a doctor is ‘What is a simple way to improve my overall health?’ People are constantly searching for something they can do in their daily life that will make a lasting impact on their wellbeing. One… Read More »

Your Body Shape & Your Overall Health

It seems our Apples, Pears, Hourglass and Ruler body shapes can assist with identifying areas of our health that should be monitored and improved. Recent studies show that body shape may directly impact your physical health. An expert in high-blood pressure reports that different body shapes are prone to problems such as obesity, diabetes, high… Read More »

New to Neurofeedback?

There is a state of the art treatment, called neurofeedback, that has been utilized for many years which is finally getting noticed by physicians and their patients to drastically improve quality of life by creating a healthy state of mind. It is beneficial for any person of any age as it has no side effects, no… Read More »

Reveal your glow by utilizing my 4 Cornerstones to Healthy Skin

All too often it is believed that beautiful radiant skin is only skin deep. Of course topical products and treatments are beneficial to your skin, however; it is equally important to take care of yourself on the inside as well so your skin will truly be a healthy picture of youthfulness, wellness and vitality. I… Read More »

When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears

One thing I really love about being a doctor is that I have the privilege of helping people overcome illness and pain by creating an overall strategy for wellness. The more I do this work, the more I realize that there are many paths to wellness and we are very fortunate to be living in… Read More »

Who am I?

I’ve seen it thousands of times over the years. A woman comes into my office exhausted, emotional, lethargic and scared. She is overwhelmed, confused and confesses “I don’t even recognize myself anymore.” So many women report to me that they experience dramatic changes in their bodies and particularly in their personalities and there is virtually… Read More »

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