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Adult Acne: Why You Get It and How to Get Rid of It

Everything you need to know about fighting off pesky zits and pimples. When people think of acne, they typically experience embarrassing flashbacks to their awkward teenage years―big, frizzy hair, mouth full of braces and a complexion that was simply out of control, to put in nicely. Thank goodness those years are far behind us… or… Read More »

Working Towards A Better You

Daily exercise can improve your mind, body and mood. One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a doctor is ‘What is a simple way to improve my overall health?’ People are constantly searching for something they can do in their daily life that will make a lasting impact on their wellbeing. One… Read More »

New to Neurofeedback?

There is a state of the art treatment, called neurofeedback, that has been utilized for many years which is finally getting noticed by physicians and their patients to drastically improve quality of life by creating a healthy state of mind. It is beneficial for any person of any age as it has no side effects, no… Read More »

Detox for a Healthier You

Sweating and Detoxification…the Far-Infrared Style! Saunas have been known throughout history to aid  individuals in relaxation and promote wellness.  Sweating is one of the methods that allow us to remove toxic substances from our body.  We start off each morning exposing ourselves to dangerous chemicals by applying cosmetics and toiletries to our skin.  We finish… Read More »

What’s on Your Plate?

What’s on Your Plate? A healthy diet can be overwhelming to most people.  We are surrounded by temptation all around us; the decadent cupcakes at the party, the mouth-watering hamburger Chili’s advertises, the salty bag of chips at the checkout line.  It takes a tremendous amount of will power to not cave to those cravings. … Read More »

Reveal your glow by utilizing my 4 Cornerstones to Healthy Skin

All too often it is believed that beautiful radiant skin is only skin deep. Of course topical products and treatments are beneficial to your skin, however; it is equally important to take care of yourself on the inside as well so your skin will truly be a healthy picture of youthfulness, wellness and vitality. I… Read More »

Keep Yourself and Your Family Healthy this Holiday Season

8 Simple and Effective Cold Prevention Tips 1. Wash your hands – The world we live in is filled with viruses and bacteria that can make us ill. Your hands are no exceptions. Wash your hands often to keep them clean. If you cannot wash them, at least use some hand sanitizer, such as Purel.… Read More »

When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears

One thing I really love about being a doctor is that I have the privilege of helping people overcome illness and pain by creating an overall strategy for wellness. The more I do this work, the more I realize that there are many paths to wellness and we are very fortunate to be living in… Read More »

Saying Goodbye to Old Habits

I love the idea of saying “goodbye” to old habits. It’s a declaration to yourself, to your loved ones and to the world that you are in control of your own destiny. Even more powerfully, you can decide to completely rethink the behaviors and beliefs that may have become second nature, but are not necessarily… Read More »

Who am I?

I’ve seen it thousands of times over the years. A woman comes into my office exhausted, emotional, lethargic and scared. She is overwhelmed, confused and confesses “I don’t even recognize myself anymore.” So many women report to me that they experience dramatic changes in their bodies and particularly in their personalities and there is virtually… Read More »

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