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Want to Be Youthful “Down There”?

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Fotona IntimaLase As we get older, all the tissues in our bodies begin to age, including the vagina. Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) is defined as laxity, or looseness, of the vaginal wall. VRS can result in loss of friction and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. It’s also not uncommon for women to also… Read More »

Laser Spider Vein Removal Before and After

What is the Best Way to Treat Spider Veins?

As you’ve grown older or experienced lifestyle changes you may have started noticing blue, red or purple veins below the surface of your skin. These are known as spider veins. While they pose no health threat, many patients often find them unsightly and desire treatment. Spider veins are common for both men and women. They… Read More »

MonaLisa Touch

A Laser Treatment for Vaginal Atrophy & Dryness?

It’s true, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is here…and YES it really does work! The MonaLisa Touch is an FDA approved procedure for the treatment of Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy (VVA), and we are excited to provide this life-changing treatment at the Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa! What is Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy (VVA)? Vulvo-Vaginal Atrophy is a thinning of… Read More »

CoolSmooth Applicator

NEW Flat Applicator Makes CoolSculpting Even Better!

Since CoolSculpting was introduced a few years ago we have treated hundreds of patients by literally Freezing away stubborn fat. We are so excited to now carry the latest in CoolSculpting technology…the CoolSmooth applicator! Until now, CoolSculpting required using a vacuum hand piece on the areas of the body that patients wished to target. For… Read More »

Get a Facelift Without Surgery

What If You’re Not Ready for a Facelift Yet

If you got in touch with a cosmetic surgeon years ago and asked about what’s the best that can be done with loose, sagging skin beneath the jaw and around the neck, a face lift or a neck lift may have been recommended. Both options call for surgery. By and large, having surgery translates to… Read More »

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