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Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Taking care of yourself during the hectic holiday season to always be at the top of everyone’s to-do list but it quickly falls to the bottom as schedules become tighter and personal time is at a premium. The key to making the most of the holidays is taking the time to care for you first. Reduce… Read More »

Father’s Day Health and Wellness Gift Ideas

Three great gift ideas that will improve your dad’s health and wellness. Father’s Day is less than a week away and people are still searching around for the perfect gift to give dad this year. A new set of golf clubs? A nice, light summer jacket? This year, why not get dad something that will… Read More »

Detox for a Healthier You

Sweating and Detoxification…the Far-Infrared Style! Saunas have been known throughout history to aid  individuals in relaxation and promote wellness.  Sweating is one of the methods that allow us to remove toxic substances from our body.  We start off each morning exposing ourselves to dangerous chemicals by applying cosmetics and toiletries to our skin.  We finish… Read More »

Celebrity Skin Secrets- Part I: Lasers

How many times have you looked at a picture of your favorite celebrity and wondered why they never seem to show signs of aging? How do these women and men seem to defy the inevitable hands of time without looking like they had a facelift? A few of the keys to a youthful appearance is… Read More »

Keeping our men up to speed on health

The men in our life play an important role in supporting our daily lives. It is our turn to help them find the balance in theirs. For National Men’s Health Week we must remember the importance of regular checkups and various screenings. Exercise and a well balanced diet can also help in overall wellness. In… Read More »

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