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It’s Time to Stand Up for Your Wellness

• Would you like to have: more energy, improved focus, better sleep, and increased sex drive? • Have you been told that symptoms such as: brain fog, hot flashes/ night sweats, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, low energy, low libido, and weight gain are simply part of the aging process? • Would you like to turn… Read More »

Blood Sugar: Stop Fatigue, Beat Insomnia, Lose the Weight

from “The Centers for Disease Control estimate that more than one million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The disorder is one of the most complicated conditions in existence and doctors have a difficult time determining the underlying cause in most people. There are also a number of misconceptions about the disorder and patients… Read More »

Are You Looking and Feeling Your Best at Work?

From our friends at “In today’s busy, get-it-done-yesterday world, it can be difficult to find time for the most important person: yourself. That’s why we’re taking some time off in June to celebrate Professional Wellness Month! We could all use a reminder now and then that looking and feeling fantastic—yes, even while at work—are… Read More »

Overcoming the Aches and Pains of Arthritis

I see many patients who suffer the constant nagging pain of arthritis, or inflammation of the joints.  My approach to health and wellness always comes from a natural standpoint first.  Many sicknesses and diseases can be greatly improved by simple, natural changes. Traditional medicine would recommend certain prescription drugs to help that also carry with them a… Read More »

Stressed Out? Tricks to Avoid Emotional Eating

Haven’t we all been guilty of overeating due to stress? Here’s a great article to help overcome those moments of weakness: By Tina Haupert @ A few years ago, I worked in a 9-5 desk job in an office where the kitchen was an ever-present buffet of donuts, muffins, cookies and other larger-than-life pastries. I honestly… Read More »

20 New Anticancer Rules

Here’s some great information from David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D. ( “Michael Pollan’s recent little gem of a book “Food Rules” inspired me to compile my own “rules” about what I’d like every person to know about how they can help avoid cancer – or slow it down if they have it. FOOD RULES 1. Go retro:… Read More »

Are The Vitamins You’re Taking Making A Difference?

Sometimes, choosing vitamins can seem like taking a shot in the dark, can’t it? I see new patients all the time that are already taking supplements, but wonder if they’re really taking the proper ones for them, the right amount and even if what they’re taking is doing them any good. When choosing supplements, there… Read More »

Is What You’re Eating Making You Sick?

Do you make eating a healthy diet a priority? Did you know that some of the healthy foods you eat, even ones that you eat frequently, may actually be making you feel bad, as well as harming your overall health? Sometimes even a ‘good’ food can be ‘bad’ for a certain individual, due to their… Read More »


Tighten Your Skin with Titan

Many people think that when they are unhappy with the appearance of their skin, the only answer is plastic surgery.  I am so pleased to help many patients who have considered a face lift or other surgeries by using one of our many state-of-the-art laser treatments.  If your skin has lost some of its elasticity, become loose… Read More »

Renewing Your Passion (In and Out of the Bedroom)

It’s a subject that many women shy away from, yet the topic is a huge part of our lives-our libidos.  This month, we are focusing on ‘Living Passionately’ and that includes all areas of our lives-including intimacy.  How many of you out there are happy with that area of your life? Are you settling for… Read More »

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