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Using Microdermabrasion To Achieve Healthy, Glowing Skin

How simple microdermabrasion treatments can bring skin back to its full health. It is no secret that healthy, beautiful, vibrant skin takes a lot of work to achieve, especially as you get older. While many people would consider certain age and beauty lines to be signs of a life well lived―dry, cracked skin from many… Read More »

Healthy Eats: A Glass of Orange Juice to Keep the Doctor Away

The many health benefits inside of oranges and orange juice. It’s pretty safe to say that we Americans love our oranges. Not only are they so well-liked because of their easy availability and absolute deliciousness, but there is simply no shortage of ways to incorporate them into our daily diets: freshly squeezed orange juice in… Read More »

How to Get Fit Using The Weight Loss Program Diet

Understanding the many benefits of this proven weight loss treatment. The summer season brings with it a change in many people’s daily activities: traveling every other weekend to exciting vacation spots, soaking up long afternoons in the sun at the beach, switching out the sweats and Ugg boots for short shorts and flip flops and,… Read More »

Natural Treatments for Growing Longer, Thicker Hair

Tips for lengthening and thickening your hair with natural nutrients. Many people believe that their hair plays a significant role in their overall looks and appearance. If you think about it, there is a reason that having messy hair is referred to as a “bad hair day” and not a bad hair morning or a… Read More »

The Importance of Staying Hydrated in the Summer

Feel stronger, healthier & more powerful this summer by staying hydrated. All month long in July, we will be touching on many health and wellness exercises and treatments that can help to make you a healthier, more powerful individual―both physically and mentally. While many of the articles we are going to be featuring will teach… Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Healthy Dieting

How to maintain a healthy diet that will lead to positive results. While many people love the warm weather and weekends at the beach that come along with summer, this season also brings with it a love/hate relationship in many people, all surrounding one particular topic―bathing suit season. Breaking out the bikinis and swimsuits often… Read More »

GenesisPlus Laser Toenail Fungus Treatments

How to treat laser toenail fungus using GenesisPlus Laser Treatments. Now that summer has officially begun, it is time to say farewell to your warm winter wardrobe, pack away the winter boots and slippers, and break out your cute wedge sandals and colorful flip flops for the season. However, while going shoeless on the beach… Read More »

Outdoor Exercise Can Improve Mind, Body & Spirit

“Green” fitness has positive effects on your mind and your overall well being. There is no debating the numerous health benefits that come along with daily fitness and exercise: improved health and form, a reduced risk of illness and disease, and a significant decrease in stress and anxiety levels. However, daily fitness is not the… Read More »

What To Look For In A Good Sunscreen

Finding the right sunscreen that will protect your skin against summer sun. Summer is the best time of year to spend long days outdoors, take advantage of the warm weather and soak up the summer sun. However, while these things can be some of the most enjoyable aspects of summer, they can also be the… Read More »

Menopause: Causes and Treatments

Prepare for menopause and learn how to treat the uncomfortable symptoms. All week long, for our theme of ‘Ladies Week’, we are talking all about the excitement and joy that comes with being a woman: Sharing time with girlfriends, being a wife or a mom,  and being strong and independent. However, there is one part of… Read More »

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