Good Vibes: How to heal your mind and body with ZYTO frequency healing

“Laughter is the best medicine,” an age-old concept that has actually shown scientific credibility in recent decades. NASA recently discovered that everything in our known world has their own distinctive electrical frequencies, from our favorite foods to bacteria to our organs. Even our emotions give off unique energies. Scientists have identified that negative emotions, such as hatred, guilt, anger or jealousy, give off a significantly lower frequency than positive emotions, such as hope, inspiration, joy, or love.

For people dealing with conditions such as high anxiety, insomnia, depression, and PTSD, or anyone struggling to make the most of their lives, the EVOX scan from ZYTO can help to scan your body’s emotional frequencies and correct them by sending unique high-frequency energies personalized for YOU! The ZYTO scan operates similar to tuning into a radio station. Just like each radio station has a certain frequency, so do your emotions, organs and other aspects of your body functioning. The ZYTO technology identifies these frequencies and any imbalances and corrects them by sending out balanced frequencies. It also has a nutritional scan through which it identifies your body’s compatibility with the frequency of different foods. In this way, ZYTO can also identify imbalances without needing blood or saliva testing.

It’s basically healing your body with good vibes! 🙂

It’s the elevation of frequency that is causing the body to experience a biological upgrade.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

To find out more about how the ZYTO scan works watch the following 2-minute video:

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