Can Meditation Boost Your Immune System…Learn How Now!!

Meditation has been proven to boost focus, immunity, productivity, energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, positive outlooks and support your whole body and health. Everyone says, “Meditate! It will make you feel great!” For those new to meditation however, that can be a daunting task. Where to even start?

  • Online meditation course
  • Start slow! Start with a few minutes with yourself per day and work your way up. Allow thoughts that will enter your mind to pass. Meditation takes practice.
  • Consider different techniques like mindfulness, mantra, transcendental, movement, walking meditation and find what works best for you.
  • Commit to practicing daily, even if it is only for a mere 5 minutes.


Some ways we tell our patients to start with meditation is square breathing: breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds and hold for 4 seconds. Set a timer for 2 minutes and square breathe. Another aspect of meditation can include gratitude. Take a few minutes each night to write down 2-3 things you are grateful for. They can be simple, such as air conditioning on a hot Houston day or clean drinking water. Also consider getting your family involved. State what you are grateful for today, ask what they are grateful for today, and collectively select something overall you are grateful for. Both of these practices can have amazing benefits to your health and well being. If you need more convincing, see what else meditation can help below.


Meditation can improve:

  • Immune function and reduce inflammation
  • Anxiety, depression, stress
  • Brain size
  • Concentration and Memory
  • Fighting cognitive decline
  • Slow aging
  • Breaking bad habits


A few of my personal favorite apps are:

  • Calm (offering free subscription during these tragic times)
  • Insight Timer
  • Chopra Meditation App (There is a FREE 21-Day meditation ongoing as we speak)
  • Ananda


One of my personal favorite meditation devices is the HeartMath Inner Balance  It is a device where you place a sensor on your ear which will monitor your heart rate. An app will guide you through a set breathing time of heart focused breathing. The goal is coherence, to strengthen the connection between the heart and the brain. Shifting the rhythm of the heart can greatly impact the information that is sent to your brain. Think of a time during high stress and negative emotion: you can feel the erratic heartbeat and the signals being sent to the brain inhibit cognitive function. This practice measures heart rate variability which is an important indicator of health and fitness and reflects our ability to adapt under differing conditions. The ultimate goal is coherence, improving the communication between heart and brain. This practice, done at 5 minutes three times per day can greatly improve emotional well being. 

One of my favorite online courses for Total change of mindset and Healing is Joe Dispenza’s Online Progressive Course which will help Rewire your brain and transform your life. 

During this stressful time, mindfulness, meditation and stress reduction are keys to staying healthy. Consider trying some natural and well-researched supplements to help ease your stress to pair with your meditation practice. Consider GABA, Adrenal support, L-theanine, Calm-G which can be taken regularly or on an as needed base. I personally take these supplements daily to relax, reset and revive. You can find them easily at or simply call our office to have them shipped or do curb-side pickup.  We are currently offering FREE shipping and have made sure we have ALL the well-researched products for you. While you’re there, check out the immune supplements as well to stay healthy physically in addition to emotionally.

As always, if there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know. During this stressful and unprecedented times, we are offering telemedicine visits with our expert providers to ensure you maintain your wellness, immunity, hormonal balance, thyroid, adrenal and nutritional balance so that you can stay in harmony, calm, healthy and happy. To schedule a telemedicine visit, click this link or call 281-313-7435.


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