Can Meditation Boost Your Immune System…Learn How Now!!

Meditation has been proven to boost focus, immunity, productivity, energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, positive outlooks and support your whole body and health. Everyone says, “Meditate! It will make you feel great!” For those new to meditation however, that can be a daunting task. Where to even start? Online meditation course Check… Read More »

Recipes Perfect for the Busy Holidays

It’s already the second week of December! Time flies at this time of the year. You’re busy shopping for the holidays, decorating, and enjoying time with your family. Use these recipes below to check worrying about what to cook off your list of things to do.   Breakfast: Ham & Sweet Potato Egg Muffins Egg… Read More »

Fresh Eating After Thanksgiving!

The week after Thanksgiving calls for some light, fresh eating! Check out these recipes below for some gluten, dairy free options this week!   Breakfast:  Egg Free Breakfast Bowl If you are sensitive to eggs, try this breakfast bowl for a satiating meal. Feel free to add eggs if you are not sensitive. Always choose… Read More »

It’s Thanksgiving Week!

Happy Thanksgiving week! It’s the time of year for gratitude and appreciating all those important in your life. Staying on track with good food choices can be a challenge around the holidays. Here are some healthy but delicious traditional Thanksgiving recipes sure to be a hit at this year’s celebration.   Stuffing Ingredients 2 tbsp… Read More »

Testosterone 101

  As women age, we commonly know that their menstrual periods stop and hormones drop dramatically which is known as menopause. Less commonly known is that men also begin to lose hormone production, mainly testosterone, as they age known as andropause. Men begin losing testosterone at a rapid rate beginning at the age of 30,… Read More »

Yummy Holiday Recipies: Quiche, Smoothies, & Stuffed Peppers

We are super excited about this new weekly blog we started.  Week 2 of recipes is here! This week we focused on a crustless, gluten and dairy free quiche perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Next up is a smoothie recipe which is sure to keep you full with the healthy fat of almond butter… Read More »

Self Care Doesn’t Need to be Toxic!

            Did you know that as a typical individual, you are exposed to over 100 toxic chemicals on a regular basis? These toxins come from your shampoo to your lotion to the dish washing soap. Chronic toxic exposure to chemicals can lead to autoimmune conditions, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. The… Read More »

Nutritional Recipes Just In Time For The Holidays

Happy Monday! We are starting something new!  Every week we are going to post some yummy and nutritious recipes.  I mean who doesn’t like to try something new and delicious?!?! This week since we are kicking off the second week of November and the start of the holiday season, we though you would really enjoy… Read More »

The Four Stages of Detoxification

          We’ve all heard of detoxification: detox teas, smoothies, gummies, cleanses.  But what exactly does it mean to detox and why does it matter?   Each day we consume many different toxins from food, water, our environment, our personal care and cleaning products at home. Each day your body must process… Read More »

girl sneezing into tissue due to allergies

Did you know your allergies can be affected by your hormones?

We are slowly moving into the fall season, and with the change of seasons comes allergies. But did you know that as adults, women tend to be more vulnerable to allergies than men, and in many cases, hormones may be to blame. Many women don’t start to experience seasonal allergies until later in life, especially… Read More »

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