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Take a Deep Breath

What do you think about when you hear the term “take some deep breaths”? Usually you are trying to come down from a frustrating or emotionally exhausting experience. Sometimes we are trying to calm down, take a moment and reassess a challenging situation. Sometimes we literally take deep breaths when we are under water and […]


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Keeping our men up to speed on health

The men in our life play an important role in supporting our daily lives. It is our turn to help them find the balance in theirs. For National Men’s Health Week we must remember the importance of regular checkups and various screenings. Exercise and a well balanced diet can also help in overall wellness. In […]


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Take time to appreciate and love yourself for who you are

We all had different sets of gifts bestowed upon us when we were born to make other people, circumstances and life more interesting and less like what we would experience day in and day out if we were all carbon copies of each other. Yet, sometimes we continue to find ourselves more interested in what […]


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The Natural World

We live in a busy world. So many of us are up early, have a fully scheduled day and then before we know it, we are back at home getting ready for the evening routine. We are exhausted. So when was the last time you actually ate a meal outside or traded your gym workout […]


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My Path to Authorship

Well, after many years of considering it, I have decided to take the plunge and write my first (of many) books! I was inspired by my brilliant and beautiful nine year-old daughter whose summer project is to write her own book. I am so proud. Hers is sure to be imaginative, dramatic and magical. My […]


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What is Self Care, Really?

It seems so simple. If we are to live our best lives, then we have to take care of ourselves. Right? This means getting enough rest, eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise and taking time for ourselves to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect. So, why is this so hard to do? Why do all of […]


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